Pantser Princess
Pantser Princess

Pantser Princess

Other Name: ぱんつぁープリンセス; 小裤裤公主

Status: Ongoing

Author: Oniyazu Kakashi ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

The Kingdom of Commons is a continent located in North Arcadia. Mitia Commons is the princess of the kingdom, and she is so extremely shy that she has barely ever ventured outside of the castle. Now, out of the blur, her mother, the queen, declares that she must go through a ritual in order to become qualified for the throne. The ritual requires that Mitia to collect four powerful stones to complete a magical staff. By doing so, she will overcome her extreme shyness. She embarks on an adventure with her friend and bodyguard, Atty and Sasha, in order to search for these four stones.

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