Pajama na Kanojo
Pajama na Kanojo

Pajama na Kanojo

Other Name: パジャマな彼女。; pajakano

Status: Completed

Author: HAMADA Kosuke ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Keisuke and Makura are childhood friends, they grew up together, almost like a brother and sister. One day, they had a misunderstanding, due to that, Makura left the house that Keisukes Mom are worried that Makura is still not home yet, thats why she told Keisuke to go look for her. Reluctantly, Keisuke obeyed, and went out to find Makura, He arrived at the place were they used to go often, the sunflower field. Luckily, Makura was there, sitting on the bench, Keisuke approach her and they began to reminiscence their childhood life. Keisuke, decided that they should head back home, phoned her mom to tell that he found Makura, only to be shocked that her mom is in panic and told him to head on the Hospital, at that same moment, he looked at Makura, were Makura is not standing but floating in the air...

Chapter - Pajama na Kanojo
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