Ozanari Dungeon
Ozanari Dungeon

Ozanari Dungeon

Other Name: おざなりダンジョン; 奇兵大冒險; Commonplace Dungeon; Dragon Ozanari Moka?; Ozanari Danjyon; Slapdash Dungeon; The Dungeon of Apathy

Status: Ongoing

Author: KOYAMA Motoo

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

This manga follows the adventures of a group of mercenaries: the barbarian Moka (the main character), the rogue Blueman, and the mage Kirinman. Moka and her gang belong to a dark mercenary guild. Moka, being a barbarian, has great physical strength and, of course, she has no brain. Despite her very revealing suit, she is very innocent, pure and naive. The story starts when a light master seeks to hire some mercenaries, and the guild refuses to help him since he has no money with him. So the dark guild master sends Moka, Bluman, and Kirinman to aid him. Its really not a great start but this is how everything begins. The authors drawing dramatically improves after volume 5. The plot becomes much more refined as well. It can be considered a typical adventure story. However, this manga goes a little deeper than that. After volume 10 or so, the plot becomes really profound and deep. Dragons are involved, and whole nations go to war. The scale becomes quite large. Really enjoyable

Chapter - Ozanari Dungeon
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