Oikakete mo Chikazuite mo
Oikakete mo Chikazuite mo

Oikakete mo Chikazuite mo

Other Name: 追いかけても近づいても ; Oikakete mo Chikazuduite mo ; Oikaketemo Chikazuitemo

Status: Completed

Author: Mizutani Ai

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

From Intercross: Collection of short stories: • Oikaketemo Chikazuitemo Even now, I still love you. And yet, before I knew it, you have become someone that I cant reach... When she was small, Uiko exchanged a promise with childish Mako that when they are high school students, if they become a couple, they will kiss. All this time, she hasnt been able to forget that promise. But now that theyve become high school students, Mako is a popular guy in her class, and Uiko is a plain girl without any redeeming points. No matter what she does, she cant be honest to Mako, who already belonged to a different world before anyone knows, but...? • Santa Clause wo Dakishimete • 1000% Aisuru Kimochi • Suki Sugi Chatte Gomen ne Chikage has been dating Manato for 3 months, theyve held hands, and kissed too and now finally Manato has asked Chikage over. Even though Chikage has mentally perpared herself, can she really take that important next step? • Aishi Kimi wo Dakishimete

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