Nejimakiboshi to Aoi Sora
Nejimakiboshi to Aoi Sora

Nejimakiboshi to Aoi Sora

Other Name: ねじまき星とアオイソラ; Nejimaki Hoshi to Aoi Sora; Nejimakihoshi to Aoi Sora; Nejimakisei to Aoi Sora

Status: Completed

Author: TOKIYA Seigo ,

Genre: Seinen

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

This is the tale of a boy whose mother was killed in a meteor strike on their island home 6 months ago – something everyone knows was the crashing of an alien ship but no one will confirm – who one day quite literally has a girl drop out of the sky on him. She at first takes him hostage from people hunting her but it eventually comes out that she’s from outer space and if there’s one thing that this boy’s mother taught him, it is to NOT leave a damsel in distress…

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