NEET Princess Terrass
NEET Princess Terrass

NEET Princess Terrass

Other Name: 御宅警备姬; 自宅警備姫テラス; 自宅警备公主; Jitaku Keibi Hime Terrass; NEET Princess Terrass; NEET公主楞保镖

Status: Completed

Author: Shimomura Tomohiro ,

Genre: Comedy Shounen

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Hilarious! The Hinomoto Kingdoms Princess Guard - an elite squad that directly protects their royal princess. Kasuga Haru was newly appointed to this prestigious position and was next to the Kingdoms one and only princess. Theres only one problem. Their "royal princess" is a hikikomori, a recluse who stuffs her room with video games and refuses to leave even a nanometer out of her room. Kasugas special mission given by the Queen is to make Princess Terras into a proper human. Can Kasuga succeed in turning this otaku princess into a proper princess full of charm and beauty?

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