Monochtome Shounen Shoujo
Monochtome Shounen Shoujo

Monochtome Shounen Shoujo

Other Name: モノクロ少年少女; 少年少女黑白像; Monochrome Kids; Monokuro Shounen Shoujo; Monochrome Shounen Shoujo

Status: Ongoing

Author: Fukuyama Ryoko ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Kureha Mimachi, a 15-year-old girl, has just transferred into Shiritsu Kenhono High School. However, there is something weird about this school, it is actually a school where the Princes and Princesses of the beast-kind go to...?!Even though Kureha is human, she is there as a way to help the students lead their lives peacefully with humans and has the role as the "rabbit". Will she be able survive without being eaten by the students...?! Only time and her hidden bodyguards will be able to answer that…Note: Based on the oneshot released in 2008, it became a series in 2009.

Chapter - Monochtome Shounen Shoujo
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