Mint de Kiss Me
Mint de Kiss Me

Mint de Kiss Me

Other Name: ミントで Kiss me; ミントでKiss me; ミントでKiss me; Kiss Me with Mint

Status: Ongoing

Author: Watase Yuu ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

) Mint de Kiss Me There is a legend that if you kiss the man you like with a mint candy in your mouth, you can become one with your love. Misono is a rather superstitious girl who decides to test this out on Tohno-sensei, a young teacher she has a crush on. Unfortunately for her, she makes a mistake in the attempt to surprise him and instead kisses her fellow classmate Shindou. Of course this would be the time for the legend to work quite literally as Misono’s spirit enters Shindou’s body. 2) Genseika Chiya goes to school with her friends and witnesses one of them die suddenly as a flower bursts out of him. The three friends had been together since elementary school, the death hitting Chiya and Yutaka hard. When other people begin dying from the flowers, they investigate possible reasons for such usual deaths. To her surprise, she finds answers close to home. 3) Furimuke Romance! The hero of girls targeted by guys peeking into the locker room, Taka has quite the violent tomboy

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