Mainichi Seiten
Mainichi Seiten

Mainichi Seiten

Other Name: 毎日晴天! ; Clear Skies! ; Mainichi Seiten Series

Status: Completed

Author: Sugano Akira

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Based on the novel Mainichi Seiten! From Juné: A typical summer night turns hotter than usual at the Obinata household when a stranger named Shuu Asuou turns up and announces that he’ll be living with them from now on! Shuu explains that he has married their sister Shima and that he shall stay at the house while awaiting her return. But when she doesn’t turn up, he proclaims that he is there to stay for good! What is Shuus motive for wanting to be with Obinata family? Read this heartwarming and hilarious manga to find out! Mainichi Seiten series: Vol 1-2 Mainichi Seiten Vol 3-4 Kodomo wa Tomaranai Vol 5 Childrens Time Vol 6-7 Kodomo no Iibun ----Aki-chan no Iibun Vol 8 Isoganaide Vol 9-10 Hanaya no Nikai de

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