Lunatic Honey
Lunatic Honey

Lunatic Honey

Other Name: るなてぃっくはにー ; ルナテッィク・Honey ; 浪漫甜心

Status: Completed

Author: Miyawaki Yukino

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

One day, Rise bumps into a little boy named Leo. After she realizes she lost her bento, she searches for it, and Leo had it, so he returns it to her. After that, she asks him questions and discovers that he doesnt know where he lives, his parents names, his address, or his phone number. She decides that he has amnesia, so she takes him home and after taking a bath together she read him a story, but she fell asleep. After waking up, she discovers another guy in her room, which turns out to be Leo; older and cockier.

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