Lamento - Beyond the Void
Lamento - Beyond the Void

Lamento - Beyond the Void

Other Name: Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ ,

Status: Ongoing

Author: Nitro+CHiRAL , CHAYAMACHI Suguro ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

The Ribika are a race of cats possessing ears and tails. Their bodies are lithe and nimble, and they live in the land of Shisa. However, a curse called the "Void" is spreading through the forests...One of the Ribika, Konoe, lives in a small village called Karou. One morning, he wakes up to find that his ears and tail have turned black. There is also a symbol on his body; the mark of the curse. Konoe embarks on a journey through the forest to find the truth.

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