Ladies Vs Butlers!
Ladies Vs Butlers!

Ladies Vs Butlers!

Other Name: Ladies Vs. Butlers , Ladies Versus Butlers ,

Status: Ongoing

Author: Kouzuki Tsukasa ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was an elementary student and was taken in by his uncles family. One day, he sees on the news about the newly-established Hakureiryou Gakuin, a school which was re-built from an elite girls school. He decides to take the exam for that school and succeeds in entering the House Management Department (the place to train maids & butlers). He wants to become a butler, although his appearance scares the ladies. Akiharu has a sinister look in his eyes, a scar on his right eyebrow, and bristled up hair. Add 3 piercings on his ears and he indeed has a typical bad boy look on him.

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