Kusenai Yoru no Kioku
Kusenai Yoru no Kioku

Kusenai Yoru no Kioku

Other Name: 消せない夜の記憶 ; Purchased for Revenge

Status: Completed

Author: Julia James

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Eve has to accompany her father to a party held in a luxurious hotel and curses her unfortunate life as a daughter of a ruthless tycoon. Her role is to blandish a businessman who is planning to take over her fathers company by seducing him with her youth and beauty, to maneuver the deal in favor of her father. By the time an irresistibly attractive man comes into view, Eve is fed up with everything. Defeated by his temptation, Eve shares a passionate kiss with him, not knowing that he is the man who she has to sweeten tonight!

Chapter - Kusenai Yoru no Kioku
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