Kudamimi no Neko
Kudamimi no Neko

Kudamimi no Neko

Other Name: くだみみの猫; 狐耳巫女媚猫娘; 管耳猫

Status: Ongoing

Author: Nakayama Miyuki

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Neneko was a "hikikomori" girl who was afraid of her surroundings because she was possessed by a "Kuda-fox". One day, she received a letter asking her, Will you come to our clinic to work as a miko? Looking for a clue on how to exorcise the "Kuda-fox", Neneko started working at the clinic that specialises in exorcising evil spirits. Miko x Shikigami x Bindings! The bindings-type master servant love comedy begins!

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