Koi to Natsu Tsubaki
Koi to Natsu Tsubaki

Koi to Natsu Tsubaki

Other Name: 娑罗之恋; 恋とナツツバキ

Status: Completed

Author: Hazuki Megumi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Rinne, a huge fan of Buddhism, was searching for a "monk-type," a boy as calm, intelligent and diligent as Lord Buddha himself, when she set her sights on a young, handsome monk-in-training, Yuuryou. She soon learns that this kid, out of his robes, is not her dream boy, but a shallow, irresponsible lady killer who goes by Yura. Is Rinne going to give up on her fantasy, or is there more to Yura than meets the eye?

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