Kimama ni Tanteigyou
Kimama ni Tanteigyou

Kimama ni Tanteigyou

Other Name: 気ままに探偵業; Ki mama ni Tanteigyou; Kimamani Tanteigyou; The Willful Private Detective Agency; Willful Detective Agency

Status: Completed

Author: Asou Mizuho

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

The young Yamato Yousuke searches for a way to follow in the steps of his father, a detective who passed away in mission trying to save a little kid who got kidnapped. Finally, an opportunity to become a detective himself has arisen, but in the middle of carrying out his first assignment, a test to see if he would be a good detective, Yousuke suddenly gets hired, apparently for no reason. There must be a secret behind all this...

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