Other Name: 神・風; 神風; Kami Kaze; Kami-Kaze

Status: Ongoing

Author: SHIKI Satoshi ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Imprisoned for a thousand years, eighty-eight fabled beasts seek resurrection from their world so that they can unleash their wrath upon present-day Japan. And a band of young warriors would love nothing more than to let loose these beasts so that they can feast upon the human world. The only thing preventing civilizations annihilation is the Girl of Water, who is lost in the human world--without any memory of who she is! As the elemental warriors continue their search for her, they cross paths with another of their kind: Ishigami, the Man of Earth. However, Ishigami is one who wants to stop the dreaded resurrection... 

Chapter - Kamikaze
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