Junsui Adolescence
Junsui Adolescence

Junsui Adolescence

Other Name: Bursting with Impatience , Chatting in Our Pajamas , First Love Canon , Liars Engagement , Mental Age Limits , On My Tiptoes in October , Prologue: Hidden Name , Pure Water Adolescence , Summer Nude (KAZUMA Kowo) , Summer Window Chatting at Night ,

Status: Completed

Author: Kazuma Kowo ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

A student-teacher romance. • Summer Window Syndrome Why doesnt Nanao want the school doctor to call her by her first name? • On My Tiptoes in October Nanao sees a different side of Matsumoto. • First Love Canon Another teacher gives Matsumoto and Nanao some advice. • Liars Engagement Part A + B In the first half of "Liars Engagement," Nanao and Matsumoto disagree over Nanaos plans for her future. In the second half, Nanao confronts Matsumoto. • Lovesick Over My Best Friend Focuses on two side characters. • Chatting in Our Pajamas Kiyo is in love with her friend Nanao, but knows that Nanao is already with someone else. • Bursting with Impatience Focuses on Matsumotos feelings. Extras: • Summer Window Chatting at Night • Summer Nude • Prologue: Hidden Name • Mental Age Limits • Hatsumoude Syndrome • First Time

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