Junk Record of the Last Hero
Junk Record of the Last Hero

Junk Record of the Last Hero

Other Name:

Status: Completed

Author: Asamiya Kia ,

Genre: Drama Shounen

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

The plot revolves around the Junk, a system which acts as a super-suit, giving the user super strength, agility, and weapons systems, as well as some communication capabilities. Currently, there are two units in the world, both in Japan; one white unit and one darker, black unit. The eye style, according to Asamiya, "Is a mono-eye style.... but theres actually two eyes." The suits require an eight hour charge up period, and only one hour of performance is delivered. Though the suits are free, users must fill out a report and send it to the manufacturer, which has not yet been named

Chapter - Junk Record of the Last Hero
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