Junjou to Furachi
Junjou to Furachi

Junjou to Furachi

Other Name: 純情と不埒 ; 與你交會 ; Unsophisticated and Rude

Status: Completed

Author: Tenzen Momoko

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Collection of short stories about sweet schoolboy-romances, includes: 1) Junjou to Furachi Hiroto is shocked when his best friend Satoshi tells him he likes Nao-sempai. But he accepts his friends choice, even though he cant tell Satoshi about his past with Nao... 2) The Pretender Katase is trying hard to pretend hes normal. He avoids Amero and tries to forget his feelings. But Amero is having none of it, and Katase gives in, granting Amero two weeks to see if this is the relationship he wants. Will Katase give into guilt, or will Ameros love win him over? (from BAA) 3) The Green that was Reflected in Your Eyes Popular student Takamiya brushes a caterpillar off mysterious rich student Sonodas shoulder. Sonoda is so happy, he begins to buy Takamiya many expensive presents; he also never leaves Takamiyas side. Can Takamiya get Sonoda to stop buying him expensive gifts? Does Sonoda really want to give Takamiya more than just an iPod? (from AF) 4) Second Love Uenaga and Haruno were

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