Other Name: 愛情自覺; 純情; Pure Heart (FUJIYAMA Hyouta)

Status: Ongoing

Author: FUJIYAMA Hyouta ,

Genre: Drama Yaoi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Volume 1:1-5) feel.1-5After coincidentally meeting his first love, Kurata Shousei, Tozaki Keisuke is shocked to learn that Kurata knew about his feelings in high school. Extra) feel.0.5Short chapter on Tozaki and Kuratas high school days.Volume 2:6-10) feel.6-11Tozaki plans his two movie dates with Kurata and Yoshioka. AndYoshioka gets more aggressive in his pursuit. Extra) feel.7.5Kurata is at home sulking about the fact that Tozaki is out at the movies with someone else (chapter 7).Volume 3:1-5) feel.12-17Kurata kisses Tozaki goodbye at the foyer of his place, and Tozaki notices a woman staring right at him... With the sudden appearance of Kuratas mother, he is forced to look at his relationship with Tozaki on a deeper level. Just then, Tozaki offers his flats spare key to Kurata...

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