Jounetsu Kakumei
Jounetsu Kakumei

Jounetsu Kakumei

Other Name: 情熱革命 ; Jonestsu Kakumei ; Passionate Revolution

Status: Completed

Author: Midoriyama Youko

Genre: Comedy Smut Yaoi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Jounetsu Kakumei From Nakama: Goutokujis problem is this: he goes on a rampage every time he gets excited. When it comes to doing H stuff, he might hurt his loving lover, Kitami! Although he desperately holds his passionate heart in check, one night, Kitami confesses that he wants to do it with Goutokuji!? A state of emergency appears for sexy salarymen! Rainbow Record The outgoing Takashi and the shy Asou are co-workers at a record store; but they are also lovers. Takashi is a passionate fan of the rock band Jetnumbers; is his passion for the band deeper than his passion for his lover? Song of Beginning Kentarou has been living with the writer Kazuki for more than a year; from the beginning it was always Kentarou that chased after Kazuki. Kentarou cannot stand feeling unloved anymore, and moves home to his parents. But is he really unloved?!

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