Irokoi Comedy
Irokoi Comedy

Irokoi Comedy

Other Name: 色恋コメディ

Status: Completed

Author: Fuzuki Atsuyo

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

1-2) Yaasu has psychic powers, and recently it seems, a spirit has possessed his body for the purpose of confessing to Yuumas childhood friend, Ritsu. Before leaving this world, the spirit would like to spend the night with Ritsu. Will Yuuma agree? If Yuuma crawls into Ritsus bed, will Ritsu accept him? And when all is said and done, why does this spirit now have legs? 3-4) Whats an uke to do when his 79-year old grandpa, who is a mad scientist, creates a pill that can make him look 29? And the reason for looking young again - to go after his grandsons boyfriend. Will Grandpas groping and kidnapping finally get our couple to heat up the sheets? Or will grandpa get himself a new toy? 5-8) Some boy-love one-shots revolving around baseball, revenge, suppositories, and flower arranging.

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