Other Name:

Status: Completed

Author: Hokazono Masaya ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Fumiki Shimazaki has only one dream: to become a poet. Spending more time in his poems than in the preparation of it his studies(?), he faces disapproval from his professors and his best friend Mika... To escape from the harsh reality, he seeks refuge in an abandoned factory.There, he stumbles upon a mysterious dog, who saves his life from an attacking monstrous feline. Their friendship is immediately created thereafter.Questions arise then. From which does this gifted dog come from capacities paranormaux and overflowing of thirst for knowledge? How can it speak? What does the number 23 on its ear stand for? The Appearance and arrival of this dog causes an increasingly number of extraordinary events all revolving around the number 23...

Chapter - Inugami
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