Hyakki Yakoushou
Hyakki Yakoushou

Hyakki Yakoushou

Other Name: 百鬼夜行抄; 백귀야행; Beyond Twilight; Hyakki Yakou Shou; Hyakkiyakou Shou; Le Cortège des cent démons; Nighttime Procession of a Hundred Demons; Selected Pandemonium; Tales of a Hundred Ghosts Traveling by the Night

Status: Ongoing

Author: IMA Ichiko ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Ritsu inherited his sixth sense from his grandfather, along with a demon guardian named Blue Storm. Strange things just seem to happen around these two, and its left to them to get to the bottom of all these mysterious events. Each story is independent but features recurring characters youll come to know and appreciate as they, each in their own way, try to deal with things not of this world.Winner of Award for Excellence in 10th Annual Japan Media Arts Festival.

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