Hatsukoi Elegy
Hatsukoi Elegy

Hatsukoi Elegy

Other Name: 初恋エレジー ; Hatsukoi Elergy

Status: Completed

Author: Ichinose Ayako

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Entrusted with an utmost mission to identify and to protect the next chief of their tribe, Ninja Sakura transferred to a high school and fell in love with the class rep Takagi. Can Sakura succeed both in his mission and in love? Ninja Sakura is a new student in high school his mission is to look for the Red Lord and identify and to protect the next chief of the tribe(Takagi). Takagi fell in love with Sakura.Is there a meaning behind why he feel in love with Sakura. Also, will Sakura be able to succeed the mission and fall in love?

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