Hanjuku Joshi
Hanjuku Joshi

Hanjuku Joshi

Other Name: 半熟女子; Hanjuku Jyoshi; Highschool Girls; Soft-Boiled Girls

Status: Ongoing

Author: Morishima Akiko ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

When we touch, I grow wings…… A Love and Sex story of two young women packed with growth to maturity. Yae, a girl who has a complex about how feminine she is, transfers to a girls high school where she meets boyish and energetic Chitose. Chitoses astonishing lack of inhibition is intensely attractive…a womans world rapidly unfolds in a bittersweet story. Plus, a Student x Teacher adult story!! Pioneer Yuri manga artist Morishima Akiko leads the way with a tender (and educational) story about young love, body image, gender roles and Yuri in Hanjuku Joshi!

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