Going to the Trolls Kingdom
Going to the Trolls Kingdom

Going to the Trolls Kingdom

Other Name: Đến vương quốc ma , 도깨비 왕국으로 간다 , Go to the Demon Kingdom ,

Status: Ongoing

Author: HAN Yu Rang ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

On the night of her grandfather´s funeral, Hwang Keum Lin saw a thief trying to steal something in her grandfather´s house. She chase after him trying to catch him before he take away anything valuable but he disappear like magic. Her cousin did not believe her that there was a thief no matter how she try to explain. Luckily nothing was missing. However, what can the thief be looking for and how did he break into the strongest security system that money can buy. Little did Hwang Keum Lin know, this is just the beginning and her life will turn upside down, starting from that moment…and everything she thought she know might not be so...

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