Gacha Gacha
Gacha Gacha

Gacha Gacha

Other Name: acha Gacha: The Next Revolution ; Gacha Gacha ; Gacha Gacha ~Secret~ ; Gacha Gacha - Secret

Status: Completed

Author: Tamakoshi ; Hiroyuki

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

NOTE: Secret is the second arc of the Gacha Gacha series featuring a different cast and vastly different plot Hatsushiba Akira, an awkward senior highschool boy, has a strong crush on classmate Sakuraba Yurika. But when he gets close to her he always says or does something stupid. At the suggestion of his best friend, Kikuchi, Akira enters the GachaGacha machine to play a game, but the machine fritzes out and malfunctions. That night he sneezes while going to bed, and when he wakes up he looks like the female avatar he saw in the GachaX2. He soon learns that sneezing will change him back and forth from his normal self to a female form. As a girl, Akira-chan is able to get close to Sakuraba and become her friend.

Chapter - Gacha Gacha
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