Fukigen Cinderella
Fukigen Cinderella

Fukigen Cinderella

Other Name: フキゲンシンデレラ

Status: Ongoing

Author: Murayama Wataru ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Haruhiko Hanna is just an ordinary man, with an ordinary life, one day he meets 3 witches in a small room on the old clock tower and thats when his ordinary life became not so ordinary at all.With the curse or gift, he was granted that hell change, to a girl once the clock struck 12 at noon, and will change back on the 12th of midnight to a man, He then ask himself.., What on earth will happen if this goes on? Can I survive like this? Most of all will I turn back to Normal Again?!

Chapter - Fukigen Cinderella
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