Excel Saga
Excel Saga

Excel Saga

Other Name: Эксель-сага; エクセルサーガ; エクセル・サーガ; 迷糊女戰士; 엑셀 사가

Status: Ongoing

Author: RIKUDO Koshi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Today, the city--tomorrow, the world! Thats the plan of Il Palazzo, the haughty, pretty-boy leader of ACROSS, a secret society based somewhere deep beneath the streets and sewers of Fukuoka, Japan. Its a good thing hes starting small, because ACROSS begins its bid for global domination with just two members--Il Palazzo and Excel, the teenaged girl smitten with him. After setting up house in a cheap apartment, Il Palazzo explains that the budget for world conquest and the budget for room and board must regrettably be kept separate. Their neighbors are a trio of regular guys, whom they hope will all overlook the irregularities of their comings and goings; not to mention the sound of screams, struggles, and gasoline explosions!

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