Empty Heart
Empty Heart

Empty Heart

Other Name: Empty Heart ~Itsuwari no Koi Dakara~; Empty heart―偽りの恋だから

Status: Completed

Author: Minase Masara ,

Genre: School Life Yaoi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

High school art teacher Jun Usami has loved his best friend, Ryuuta, since they were high school students. Unbeknownst to Jun, Ryuutas younger brother, Takumi Kajiwara, has been in love with Jun since he caught Jun stealing a kiss from his sleeping brother. As fate has it, Takumi has grown into the exact image of Ryuuta. Now that Takumi is a high-schooler and Juns student, its the perfect chance for Takumi to get close to his Usa-nii. The wheels of fate begin to move in Takumis favor when Ryuuta announces his engagement to a beautiful coworker. Eager to comfort Jun, Takumi rushes to Juns side and offers himself as Ryuutas substitute. As though being in a love triangle is not complicated enough, Juns ex-lover enters the scene to steal Takumi away! What will happen when Jun has to face the reality that Takumi is not Ryuutas substitute? Enjoy!

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