El El
El El

El El

Other Name: エレル

Status: Completed

Author: FUJISAWA Yuki ,

Genre: Horror Shounen

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

There was a fire. Kousei lost his mother, his father and his precious little sister, Sanae. One month later he woke up to find himself in a hospital and was moved to pediatrics where he could share a room with other boys his age.Professor Kimishiro is loved and respected by his students, but disliked by faculty and administration. Hes pushed from his classroom by university politics and takes a team to the jungles of the Amazon in search of new medicines and perhaps a chance to gain back his reputation amongst those with influence back home. Instead of cures, his team stumbles upon a lost temple in the jungle, a place the village guides claim to be The House of the God of the Black Death. What are the temples secrets, and can any man, let alone a mere boy, survive the plague of an angry God?

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