Eikaiwa School Wars
Eikaiwa School Wars

Eikaiwa School Wars

Other Name: 英会話スクールウォーズ; 英语教室会话战争; 영어학원 전쟁; Conversational English School Wars; English Language School Wars; Primer of English Conversation: Practical English for Beginners

Status: Completed

Author: Matsumoto Tomo ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Arisu hates English but her mom forces her to enter an English Conversational Class because Arisu plans to go to New York for her dad. Not to mention, she also hates dealing with foreigners; but now, she needs to attend English classes with Foreign teachers. She had an unsual encounter with Ish, her hot glasses-wearing English teacher, at her favorite 100 yen store which left the both of them a first bad impression with each other. Will there be a room for some kind of development... both for her hate in English... and her teacher?

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