Eien wa Irenai
Eien wa Irenai

Eien wa Irenai

Other Name: 永遠はいらない ; The Millionaire is Pregnant Mistress

Status: Completed

Author: Michelle Celmer

Genre: Josei Romance

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Tess, a maid at a resort hotel, spends one passionate night with a captivating dark-haired man she meets in the bar. She knows he is only after a one-night stand, and quietly leaves him in the morning, never to see him again... Until she discovers she is pregnant! The mysterious man is, in fact, a famous movie producer, and after much deliberation Tess decides to tell him about the baby. At his home she receives a cold reception and even harsher words. But what can she do but accept the conditions he imposes upon her?

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