Eien o Sagashite
Eien o Sagashite

Eien o Sagashite

Other Name: 永遠をさがして; 永遠を探して; Eien wo Sagashite; Honors Promise

Status: Ongoing

Author: Sharon Sala , CHIHARA Esu ,

Genre: Josei

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

After her beloved mothers death, Honor faced a lifetime of loneliness... In the presence of others, she holds back her tears and strives to keep her mothers restaurant going, but her tears wont stop flowing when she is alone. "Are you alright?" a kind voice asks. The voice belongs to a man named Trace. Even though they have never met, Honor is comforted by his gentle eyes and warm hands. She is quickly drawn to this man, until she finds out the brutal truth. Trace befriended her for a purpose. Not only that, Honor begins to discover the secret behind her own birth...

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