Dolls Fall
Dolls Fall

Dolls Fall

Other Name: DOLLS FALL ドールズ・フォール

Status: Ongoing

Author: Kedouin Makoto ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

By the same author as the renowned “Corpse Party”, Dolls Fall revolves around the lives of students at Jiaiin girls dormitory, an orphanage for middle school children without families. They are greeted with open arms by the matrons and other students, taught to accept their fellow orphans as sisters and the matrons as their mothers. Jiaiin is a safe haven for students, provided that they follow two simple rules: at night, lock your door and don’t leave the room, and never enter a matron’s room. Break either one of those rules and this series’ likeness to Corpse Party becomes evident.

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