Devil Devil
Devil Devil

Devil Devil

Other Name: Devil & Devil, Devil and Devil

Status: Completed

Author: MIYOSHI Yuki

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Above the Earth, there is a continuous battle between angels and devils. One devil in particular, Sword, has it in for a certain angel, Ios. In their 101st fight together, both are severely wounded. Not only that, but their clashing power causes the two to fall to earth. By chance, Sword finds a beaten, unconscious teenage boy nearby, and he is able to take over the humans body to save his own life. Some time later, Sword awakens in the hospital, briefly confused about his whereabouts. The father of the body he possessed enters the room, extremely happy to see his boy Souma alive. Then the older twin brother shows up. Immediately, Sword recognizes his enemys energy. Also nearly dead, Ios had joined with Kannas body. Sword goes to attack Ios, but quickly realizes that the body is far weaker than his demon form, especially from being recently beaten to hell. Since the brothers had been found heavily thrashed, their memory loss isnt that surprising. Their large change in behaviors is also

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