Demian Shoukougun
Demian Shoukougun

Demian Shoukougun

Other Name: デミアン症候群; 男子宿舍症候群; Das Demian-Syndrom; Demain Syndrome; Demian Syndrome

Status: Ongoing

Author: OKI Mamiya ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Azuma and Takayama used to be really close friends as children, until one day Takayama disappears to the USA without telling Azuma. Unable to forget about Azuma, Takayama returns years later and enrolls in Azumas school. He finds his old friend cold and unwilling to restart any kind of relationship... but why? Takayama is a light hearted, happy guy who gets along with everyone around, even though Azumas odd behavior hurts him. Azuma is cool and distant, and seems not to care about anything around him...

Chapter - Demian Shoukougun
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