Dahlia the Vampire
Dahlia the Vampire

Dahlia the Vampire

Other Name: ダリアザァンパイア , Vampire Dahlia ,

Status: ongoing

Author: KAKINOUCHI Narumi ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Theres a new girl in town, she is called Dahlia, and attends an elite high school. Shes hated by the other girls who think shes stuck up, but they also suspect her of committing the murders in the neighborhood. Dahlia is a vampire and she came to this area to search for her lost love, who also happens to be the one that made her into a vampire. When Dahlias vampire nature awakens, one of her eyes turns green.She attends this particular high school because theres a young man who resembles her lost love. Maybe its him, shes going to find out by trying to awaken the memory of the boys past.

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