Confession Club
Confession Club

Confession Club

Other Name: 告白倶楽部 , Kokuhaku Club , Kokuhaku Kurabu ,

Status: Ongoing

Author: YAMAMOTO Nobuyo ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Story 1 - Confession ClubUeda Yuki saw the boy she likes, Mashimo Arata, kissing a book that she borrowed from her senpai. Seeing the situation as it is, Yuki knows immediately that Arata likes Misato-senpai. Thus, in order to be able to talk to him freely, Yuki volunteers to become Aratas practice partner by forming a so-called Confession Club to help Arata confess to Misato-senpai. Will Yuki be able to help Arata confess, or will she fall for him even more?Story 2 - Please Tell Me If You Love MeHinako its a quiet girl with a secret. She cant say the word ¨like¨. Because of that, Hinako has suffered when she confessed to a guy in middle school, everyone heard and laughed. And the problem is that now in high school, she likes the Principals son, Kashiki. Wanting not to be laughed at, Hinako starts to practice how to say that word, but in the middle of the halfway someone hears her...?!Story 3 - CountdownMioko is a average girl, who suddenly started to have issues on school. When s

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