Chibi Maruko Chan
Chibi Maruko Chan

Chibi Maruko Chan

Other Name: ちびまる子ちゃん; Chibi Maruko Chan; Nhóc Maruko

Status: Ongoing

Author: Sakura Momoko

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

The title character, Maruko, is a nine-year-old third-grade student. She is lazy, disorganized and usually late for school, in strong contrast with her neat and tidy older sister who must share her room with her. Maruko, like many kids, tries to avoid homework and chores, takes advantage of her doting grandfather and squabbles with her sister. Nevertheless, she is a well-meaning child who tries to do good. Marukos real name is Momoko Sakura (さくらももこ Sakura Momoko), the same as the pen-name of her creator Miki Miura 三浦 美紀 (who used her own childhood experiences as inspiration). Her nickname "Maruko" is made of marui ("round", because of her round face) and -ko (girl child); the prefix chibi and the suffix -chan also refer to a cute child. Marukos trademark face fault in reaction to embarrassment is the sudden appearance of vertical lines on her face, sometimes with an unexplained gust of wind blowing behind her head. This is sometimes mimicked by female fans of the series who draw

Chapter - Chibi Maruko Chan
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