Cannon God Exaxxion
Cannon God Exaxxion

Cannon God Exaxxion

Other Name: 砲神エグザクソン , CannonGod Exaxxion , Houjin Exaxxion ,

Status: Ongoing

Author: SONODA Kenichi ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

It aint easy being the savior of Mankind when youre still in high school, but Hoichi Kano will have to make due. Luckily, he has a super-cool integrated gunsuit at his disposal, just the ticket to take on the monstrous mechanical horrors of a pesky group of all-powerful alien invaders. But eventually, fire must be fought with fire, and luckily Earth may have the biggest beat-stick in the playground, the massive, anti-matter-powered robot, Exaxxion. And of course, all it needs is someone crazy enough to pilot it. Oh, Hoichi...

Chapter - Cannon God Exaxxion
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