Boku Dake no Ousama
Boku Dake no Ousama

Boku Dake no Ousama

Other Name: ボクだけの王さま , 我的国王殿下 , Bokudake no Ousama , My Only King ,

Status: ongoing

Author: HOSHINO Lily ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

1-4) In the land of magic, a new king is being crowned. However, a mishap during the ceremonial rite causes the royal crest to be accidentally attached to a normal human, Kazuomi. To protect the crest from any villains who may be after it, Mewt, the cute and brave sorcerer, is dispatched to the human world. There, Mewt must live disguised as a girl, and as "she" and Kazuomi live under one roof together, the two begin to find themselves attracted to each other...5) The students are obsessed with horoscopes. 6) A ghost is haunting the bathroom of a salaryman. 7) Continuation of Mix Mix Chocolate .8) In a kingdom there exist 9 different kingdoms with 9 different kings.

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