Aisaresugi Confusion
Aisaresugi Confusion

Aisaresugi Confusion

Other Name: あいされすぎコンフュージョン; 愛されすぎコンフュージョン

Status: Ongoing

Author: Hidaka Haru

Genre: Yaoi

Year of release: 2015

Plot Summary:

Clean freak Mochida meets his match with his classmate in the same major, Mutou. Oblivious to everything, he clings onto Mochida and doesn’t take care of the things Mochida lends him. On top of that, he gives Mochida a porno as a thank-you gift! Like a big dog, he goes all out and doesn’t know how to read the mood, joking all the time. But after a certain incident, he stops touching Mochida. But he’s not lonely! Right!? With a michievous dog and a clean-freak, where is this road of love taking them? [Yaoi Toshokan]

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