A Sex Therapist
A Sex Therapist

A Sex Therapist

Other Name: A Sex Therapist; SEXセラピスト

Status: Completed

Author: KODAKA Kazuma ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

1) Sex Therapist Hoping to make an arrest, detective Ryouichi Ohnuki decides to investigate Kain, but gets distracted with thoughts of his straitlaced co-worker. 2) A Man Who Dreams Salesman Obinata is in love with adorable co-worker Himeno, but feels guilty over his dirty thoughts. Maybe a trip to Kain will help clear things up. 3) The First and Last Man When Aki runs into his former brother-in-law Naoto at a gay bar, hes furious! What else has Naoto been hiding from him? 4) Sweet Man Takerous sweet shop is a rival of the foreigner Shimons pastry shop. But Takerou is secretly addicted to the competitions sweets, and not just for the taste. 5) Prince of the Ice After a serious injury, ice skating champion Reo Toujous relationship with his coach, Dzhokhar fell apart. 6) Timid Flower Ice skater Akira Ohno is assigned a new coach, flamboyant foreigner Zio Maurizio. Can Zio remind Akira why skating is fun? 7) [email protected]#%ing Father After an amazing one night stand, seminary st

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