A Love in 100 Days
A Love in 100 Days

A Love in 100 Days

Other Name: 100일 사랑 , 100 Days Love , Sức thanh xuân ,

Status: Ongoing

Author: Hwang Mi Ri ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

After she died from an accident, Ria become angel No. 5623. She could not forget her life from when she lived. She misses Ban Ji Hwan, her boyfriend on Earth, day and night.1 year later, Ria happened to see Ji Hwans name on the death list, the list of every names who is about to die in 100 days. Ria begged high-ranked angels to let her save Ji Hwan. Ria entered the body of So Hae, a shy girl who is tired of her life, the opposite of Rias personality. Enduring the bullies from step-siblings of So Hae, Ria did her best to bear everything in order to look for Ji Hwan. But when she found him, Ji Hwan cannot recognize Ria...

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