A Bird in a Dream
A Bird in a Dream

A Bird in a Dream

Other Name: 夢に飛ぶ鳥; A Bird in a Dream; Hana mo Arashi mo; Iku Michi, Yobu Tsuki; Mayonaka Taiyou; Midnight Sun (Mayonaka Taiyou); Moment (NAONO Bohra)

Status: Completed

Author: NAONO Bohra ,

Genre: Drama Fantasy Yaoi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Collection of short stories: • Yume ni Tobu Tori (A Bird in a Dream) On Yuugas birthday, after a huge fight, Soichiro suffers a heart attack--then hes hit by a car. But Soichiro gets a second chance when he wakes up two days before his accident.... • Iku Michi, Yobu Tsuki Otsuji cuts through a dangerous park one night. Hes attacked by hoodlums and thrown into a lake. There he meets the demon of the lake--and cant leave. • Moment Atsushi slowly recovers after being dumped by his ex-lover. His sister and brother-in-law, worried hes becoming a recluse, invite him out for a drink at their bar. While at the bar he is smitten by Kizaki, a beautiful college student. Before he approaches his crush, Atsushi gets a makeover from his sister (his fashion sense is deplorable). Things go much better than he expected. But, after their tryst, Atsushi has to work overtime for a week. When he finally makes it back to the bar, he sees Kizaki kissing someone else. Will Atsushi be forced to g

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