.hack//4 koma
.hack//4 koma

.hack//4 koma

Other Name: ドットハックヨンコマ; 骇客时空//4koma+趣味短篇集; .hack//4koma; .hack//4koma+ギャグ選手権; .hack//4koma+ギャグ 選手権; .hack//4koma+趣味短篇集; .hack//yonkoma; dotto hakku yonkoma

Status: Ongoing

Author: SUMIMARU Koichi ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Hack//4 Koma" is a four-panel (a.k.a. Yonkoma) manga series set in the popular multimedia world of .Hack. Most of the 4 Koma are filled with gags and parodies centering mostly around the main characters of the first (Kite, BlackRose, Helba, etc) and second (Haseo, Atoli, etc) series of ".Hack" videogame

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