0x0 Memories
 0x0 Memories

0x0 Memories

Other Name: 0x0メモリーズ ; 0 x 0 Memories ; 0×0 Memories ; 0×0メモリーズ ; OXO Memories ; Memorias 0×0 (spanish)

Status: Completed

Author: Takeuchi Kozue

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Due to an accident, Tsuda Rei has lost all of her memories. She cant remember her favorite foods, her parents, or even her childhood best friend, Ichi. Ichi drags Rei to the place where she lost her memories, but says he wont tell her anything. Then along comes the handsome upperclassman, Kujou Manabu, who tells Rei that is it okay if she doesnt remember anything...

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